workshops to support the goals and tasks outlined in the GGE reports and the specific needs of the countries in the Regions. General Objectives of the Workshops 1. Better awareness of issues of international cyber security by public officials and diplomats (international law and norms, CBMs and international cooperation as outlined in the UN GGE Reports, by ASEAN, OSCE, AU, OAS etc.); 2. Preparation of staff in Capitals and Country Delegations for the upcoming negotiations on Cybersecurity in the context of the OEWG and UN GGE in 2019 in New York. 3. Feedback from the Regions to the international cyber security dialogue and discourse; 4. Better mutual understanding of related concepts, norms and measures, strengthened and possibly institutionalized cooperation among participating countries; 5. Exchange of concerns, best practices, policies and institutional arrangements in the field of cyber security; 6. A network of alumni, lecturers and experts familiar with the international cyber security challenges and processes and willing to support the goals of implementing and universally promoting inter alia the UN GGE guidance on norms and CBMs. Workshop Modules 1. Introduction to the international peace and security goals related to uses of ICTs; 2. Links between national and international cyber security efforts, processes and actors; 3. Introduction to international cyber security consultations and dialogues (UN GGE, ASEAN, ARF, OSCE, AU, OAS, London Process etc.); 4. Applicability of the international law as outlined in the UN GGE reports; 5. Norms of responsible state behavior as outlined in the UN GGE reports; 6. CBMs and international cooperation in the cyberspace (as outlined in the UN GGE, OSCE, ARF etc. reports); 7. Best practices in national cyber security strategy building, policy development and legislation; 8. Best practices in Cert building and Cert-Cert cooperation; 9. Presentations and panel discussions on regional and national cyber security concerns, perspectives and policy options; 10.Table-top exercises tailored to the target audience priorities and requirements. Additional courses and seminars upon request 1. Workshops and consultations on best practices of National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS) building;

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