www.ict4peace.org International Cyber Security Capacity Building Program Promoting Openness, Prosperity, Trust and Security in Cyberspace States bear primary responsibility for the safety and security of their citizens, including in the ICT environment. Many states, especially developing countries and LDCs however, still lack sufficient capacity to protect their ICT networks and to engage in bilateral, regional and global cooperation at the technical and diplomatic level and to learn about concrete threats and respond effectively to them. The lack of such capacity can make national institutions, critical infrastructures such as power, Telecom, hospitals, transport and financial sector of a country or the citizens and the private sector at large vulnerable and can hamper economic and social development. It can make a country even an unwitting haven for malicious actors, which negatively impacts the global ICT network on the whole, thus also in the industrial world. It is often said, that the global ICT network “is only as strong as its weakest link”. Support to capacity building in cyber security policy, strategy and diplomacy is playing an essential role in (1) States engaging in international cooperation and negotiations (as outlined in the 2013 and 2015 GGE reports on norms and CBMs), (2) enabling countries to secure its ICT infrastructure for economic and social development and (3) to strengthen the global ICT network and to ensure their peaceful use for economic and social development. Since 2014 and with the support of the Governments of the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Colombia, Kenya, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, the ICT4Peace Foundation has carried out a series of Capacity Building workshops for Latin American Countries (in Bogota in cooperation with OAS), for African Countries (AU, Addis Ababa), for East African Countries (Nairobi), for ASEAN Countries (Singapore), Europe (GCSP, Geneva), for OSCE Field staff (Vienna), for Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam (CLMV countries) in Laos, Vientiane; Hanoi, Vietnam, for ASEAN Countries Thailand and in Singapore. A further workshop for CLMV Countries is planned for May 2018 in Cambodia. We cooperate with the GGE experts on refining and delivering the next round of

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