The UNIDIR Cyber Policy Portal Database is a comprehensive collection of data compiled from official and publicly available sources by the UNIDIR Cyber Policy Portal. Our team has made every effort to trace information back to the official documentation disseminated by the State or intergovernmental organization in question. In cases where this was not possible, we have verified data through multiple secondary sources. Additionally, a small number of documents that have been approved for publishing by relevant authorities are hosted directly on our servers.

Our selection and categorization of relevant documents is based on detailed analysis by project staff at the discretion of the UNIDIR Security & Technology Programme. We have also provided a Cyber Policy Portal glossary for further details on how categories are defined.

Our commitment to accuracy and transparency ensures that our database provides reliable and up-to-date information on cybersecurity policy.


The Document entity contains PDF documents and is connected to its issuing body and the relevant State or Intergovernmental Organisation.