Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) first collaborative PESCO projects - Overview Project European Medical Command European Secure Software defined Radio (ESSOR) Description The European Medical Command (EMC) will provide the EU with an enduring medical capability to support missions and operations on the ground. The EMC will provide critical medical resources, including a multinational medical task force with a rapidly deployable capability for basic primary care. The EMC will also provide evacuation facilities, triage and resuscitation, treatment and holding of patients until they can be returned to duty, and emergency dental treatment. The European Medical Command (EMC) will ensure efficient joint EU management of scarce European medical services (planning, management and coordination unit). It will provide critical medical resources and contribute to harmonising national medical standards, legal (civil) framework conditions and sanitary service principles. The project is expected to make progress the interoperability and the coherence of health care capabilities in Europe (standardization of concepts, training and certification). The European Secure Software Defined Radio aims to develop common technologies for European military radios. The adoption of these technologies as a standard will guarantee the interoperability of EU forces in the framework of joint operations, regardless which radio platforms are used, thereby reinforcing the European strategic autonomy. The European Secure Software Defined Radio project will provide a secure military communications system, improving voice and data communication between EU forces on a variety of platforms. Press contact Sebastian FISCHER Spokesperson of the Permanent Representation of Germany Mathilde FELIX-PAGANON Spokesperson of the Permanent Representation of France

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