support to Laos to improve public financial management and domestic resource mobilisation, including work on the state-owned enterprise reform agenda, tax administration and debt management work with Thailand to address long-term constraints to growth and support its post-COVID-19 economic recovery funding a technical assistance package for Vietnam to support capital market development and facilitate the transition to a green economy technical and advisory support, including workshops at the regional level, to build cyber and critical technology policy and legislative expertise. A coordinated approach in the Mekong subregion MAP supports Australia's Partnerships for Recovery policy, which works with regional countries to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. MAP is helping build relationships, as well as sharing knowledge and skills—both between Mekong countries and with Australia—for a sustainable recovery. MAP complements Australia's $523 million initiative to support access to COVID-19 vaccines in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, including country-specific Vaccine Response Plans. MAP also works with Australia's other programs in the Mekong subregion, and across Southeast Asia, in areas such as economic development, the environment, infrastructure (Partnerships for Infrastructure, or P4I), security and transnational crime (Mekong-Australia Program -Transnational Crime, or MAP-TNC) – as well as incorporates and builds on the former Greater Mekong Water Resources Program (or GMWRP). We seek opportunities for MAP to support regional architecture, including ASEAN and subregional bodies such as ACMECS, the Mekong River Commission and Friends of the Mekong. Australia continues to collaborate closely with other partners, including multilateral donors, to effectively support Mekong countries. 2/2

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