2013 Crimes No. 10 SAMOA Arrangement of Provisions PART I PRELIMINARY 1. 2. Short title and commencement Interpretation PART II JURISDICTION 3. 4. 5. Meaning of Samoa Application Persons not to be tried in respect of things done outside of Samoa 6. Place of commission of offence 7. Jurisdiction in respect of crimes on ships or aircraft beyond Samoa 8. Extraterritorial jurisdiction for offences with transnational aspects 9. Offences not to be punishable except under Samoan Acts 10. Offence under more than one enactment PART III MATTERS OF JUSTIFICATION OR EXCUSE 11. General rule as to justifications 12. Infancy 13. Insanity 14. Compulsion 15. Ignorance of the law 16. Consent to death 17. Self-defence 18. Defence of dwellinghouse 19. Defence of land or building 20. Defence of moveable property 21. Excessive force PART IV JUSTIFICATION OR EXCUSE IN THE ARREST OF ANY PERSON 22. Execution of warrant 23. Arrest by a constable pursuant to statutory powers

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