Table of Content     Chapter 1: General Provision Article 1: Purpose Article 2: Objective Article 3: Scope Article 4: Terms and Definition Chapter 2: National Anti-Cybercrime Committee (NACC) Article 5: Establishment of National Anti-Cybercrime Committee (NACC) Article 6: Composition of NACC Article 7: Duties of NACC Article 8: General Secretariat of NACC Article 9: Duties of The Secretary General of NACC Article 10: Officials of the General Secretariat of NACC Article 11: Branches of General Secretariat of NACC Article 12: Budget and Resources for NACC   Chapter 3: Procedure Provision Article 13: Procedure for Cybercrime Offence Article 14: Officials competent to investigate Cybercrime offence Article 15: Appointment of National Anti-Cybercrime Committee officials as Judicial police Article 16: Investigation Power of NACC Article 17: Preservation of Computer Data and Traffic Data Article 18: Copying Data Article 19: Searching and Seizing Computer Data Article 20: Condition and Safeguard   Chapter 4: Offences Article 21: Illegal Access Article 22: Data Espionage Article 23: Illegal Interception Article 24: Data Interference Article 25: Unauthorized Data Transfer Article 26: System Interference Article 27: Child Pornography Article 28: Contents and Websites Article 29: Intellectual Property Right and Related Rights Article 30: Computer Related Fraud Article 31: Computer Related Forgery Article 32: Misuse of Device Article 33: Attempt Article 34: Accessory Penalty applicable to certain Cybercrime Offences Article 35: Accessory Penalty Applicable to Certain Legal Entities   Chapter 5: Mutual Legal Assistance, International Cooperation and Extradition   2

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