Agreement on Cooperation in Ensuring International Information Security between the Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization The Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (hereinafter referred to as “the Parties”) Noting the significant progress in the development and introduction of new information and communication technologies and tools that are shaping the global information space, Expressing concern about the threats related to the use of such technology and tools for the purposes inconsistent with the objectives of maintaining international security and stability, both in the civilian and military fields, Attaching great importance to international information security as one of the key elements of the international security system, Being convinced that further deepening of trust and development of cooperation between the Parties in ensuring international information security is imperative and in their interest, Taking into account the important role of information security in ensuring the fundamental human and civil rights and freedoms, Taking into account the UN General Assembly resolution “Developments in the field of information and telecommunications in the context of international security”, Seeking to limit the threats to international information security, to ensure information security interests of the Parties, and establish an international information environment characterized by peace, cooperation and harmony, Desiring to create a legal and organizational basis for cooperation between the Parties in the field of international information security, Have agreed as follows: 1

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