Recognising our endorsement of the ‘Blue Pacific’ identity to drive collective action in support of our vision under the Framework for Pacific Regionalism; Recalling our agreement at the 48th Forum Leaders’ Meeting in Apia, Samoa, to build on the Biketawa Declaration and other Forum related security declarations and agreements as the foundation for strategic future regional responses; Recognising the importance we placed on an expanded concept of security inclusive of human security, humanitarian assistance, prioritising environmental security, and regional cooperation in building resilience to disasters and climate change, including through regional cooperation and support; Respecting the principle of non-interference in the domestic affairs of Forum Members; and; Recognising the need to strengthen regional security cooperation and collective action through the assertion of Our Will and the voices of Our Pacific Peoples. HEREBY DECLARE AS FOLLOWS: 1. (i) We reaffirm that climate change remains the single greatest threat to the livelihoods, security and wellbeing of the peoples of the Pacific and our commitment to progress the implementation of the Paris Agreement; 2. (ii) We recognise an increasingly complex regional security environment driven by multifaceted security challenges , and a dynamic geopolitical environment leading to an increasingly crowded and complex region; 3. (iii) We affirm our stewardship of the Blue Pacific and aspire to strengthen and enhance our capacity to pursue our collective security interests given our responsibility to sustain our Pacific peoples and our resources; 4. (iv) We respect and assert the sovereign right of every Member to conduct its national affairs free of external interference and coercion; 5. (v) We reaffirm the right of Members to individually and collectively address security issues and concerns; 6. (vi) We reaffirm the importance of the rules-based international order founded on the UN Charter, adherence to relevant international law and resolution of international disputes by peaceful means; 7. (vii) We affirm an expanded concept of security which addresses the wide range of security issues in the region, both traditional and non-traditional, with an increasing emphasis on: 1. Human Security, including humanitarian assistance, to protect the rights, health and prosperity of Pacific people; 2. Environmental and resource security; 3. Transnational crime; and, 4. Cybersecurity, to maximise protections and opportunities for Pacific infrastructureand peoples in the digital age. 8. (viii) We recognise that national security impacts on regional security, and therefore commit to strengthening our respective national security approaches by: 1. developing our national security strategies; and, 2. strengthening national security capacity including through training. 9. (ix) We commit to strengthening the existing regional security architecture inclusive of regional law enforcement secretariats and regional organisations to: 1. account for the expanded concept of security; 2. identify and address emerging security challenges; 3. improve coordination among existing security mechanisms; 2/3

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